Drybrush Tutorial.


O my, I really want to paint the armour on my minas warriors, but I haven’t got a steady hand, what to do


Here’s what to do, drybrush your model, it’s way quicker and gives extremely good results. You’ll look like a pro in no time.

“-And how am I supposed to ‘drybrush’ my model then.

Well, you should just read the article below and you’ll know. Come on go read it !!


Materials Needed

Minas Warrior

Old brush

Tin Bitz

Boltgun Metal



Step 1 Preparing brush

You start by getting an old brush that isn’t screwed up too much.

Now open your pot of Tin Bitz and get only a little paint on your brush.

Once you’ve done that, wipe off the unneeded paint.

This is where your body comes in handy. You will need your fingernails for this, because with your fingernails you can test if you have wiped off enough paint, too much or too little.

You take your brush and paint one of your nails, if you see this

then you are ready to proceed.

Step 2 Drybrushing your model

When you feel happy with the amount of paint on your brush, then you are ready to paint your model. To drybrush properly you go over your model several times, and you shall not press down the brush down really hard.

Make sure that every metal part is done before doing the next layer of a different colour.

Step 3 Alternative’s

Since you are able to drybrush by yourself now, you can try it with other colours too. You can use it for hair, of for fur. You could also do several layers of drybrushing over one single piece of armour. For the multiple layer drybrush you start off with slightly more paint on your brush then explained in this tutorial. When you’ve got more paint on the brush, the paint will reach further down into crevices. With every next layer you shrink down the amount of paint on the brush, so every earlier layer remains visible.

Now go make some cool drybrushed models for me. Upload pictures of your results to miniwargaming.com and then me and some other guy’s on the forums will judge your skills. Just go back to your painting table now and make some awesome models.