Painting A Gondor Soldier (The easy way).


Gondor Soldier

Paints Needed:

Chaos Black (Primer)

Chaos Black

Codex Grey

Tin Bitz

Bleached Bone

Brown Ink

Black Ink

Bubonic Brown

Boltgun Metal


Mithril Silver

Bestial Brown

Tanned Flesh

Dwarf Flesh

Elf Flesh

Scorched Brown

!!(before painting your model, prime it with black primer)!!

Step 1 Face:

Give the face a layer of Bestial Brown, wait until that’s dry and then highlight the face with Tanned Flesh. After you waited again until the layer was dry add a little Dwarf Flesh on area’s like eyebrows and cheeks. Then you fix area’s like the helmet and such, on which you spilled paint, with Chaos Black.

Step 2 Armour:

First of all, you drybrush the complete model (be careful not to do the face) with Tin Bitz. After that, drybrush the whole model again with Boltgun Metal this time.

Then you apply a last drybrush of Chainmail. When you’ve done all the drybrush layers you can apply a little watered down Black Ink to make sure you’ve got shades.

Step 3 Shield & Spear:

The shield is almost entirely black, except for the tree and the edge. If you are not that much into details you may find it hard to paint the tree on the shield up properly. Though there’s a really easy solution. Take out some Black Ink, and water that down (2:1), apply the watered down Black Ink as a wash on your shield. If you’ve done it right, the silver that went on the shield with the drybrush should only remain visible on the tree, the rest of the silver is now under a layer of black ink. For an easy spear, just paint the shaft Scorched Brown and drybrush it with a 1:2 mix of Bleached Bone and Scorched Brown. You can paint the metal part of the spear with Boltgun Metal.

Step 4 Clothing:

Now you are going to repaint all the clothing (which doesn’t mean armour and face, shield & spear) with Chaos Black. Mix up 2:1 Codex Grey and Chaos Black and apply that as a first highlight on the black clothing. Then highlight the clothing again with pure Codex Grey. Whenever you are highlighting, make sure that some colour of the previous layer remains visible, so you can see there are shades and highlights.


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