News Revell oct-nov 2010: Ships

1/240 HMS Campbeltown/4 Stack Destroyer Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-3016

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/240
Length: 15-3/4″
Parts: 128

Molded in light gray. Detailed bridge, deck, four stacks, antennas, life boats and depth charge racks. Armament: four 4″ guns, one 3″ gun and twelve 21″ torpedo tubes. Decals with authentic World War II markings. World War II-March 28, 1942-World War I destroyer HMS Campbeltown attacked the dry docks of St. Nazaire, France which were used for repairing the Tirpitz, a dreaded German battleship. HMS Cambeltown is perhaps best known as the World War II version of the Trojan Horse when, 9 hours after the attack, it inexplicably exploded killing everyone aboard.

Portuguese Frigate “D. Fernando II e Gl�ria”

Product ID: 80-5413

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:200
Length: 440 mm
Height: 302 mm
Parts: 234

The Frigate “Dom Fernando II e Gl�ria” was the last sailing ship built by the Portuguese navy. The wood used was top quality teak. The artillery consisted of cannon in wheeled carriages on the gun deck and carronades on the upper main deck. The ship was launched in 1843 and was named after the Portuguese king and queen. She made her maiden voyage in 1845 and in 1865 she was converted into an artillery training ship. By the time she was retired from service in 1878, the frigate had travelled over 100,000 sea miles, equivalent to five times round the world. The Portuguese navy was still using the permanently moored ship for artillery training between 1889 and 1938. She was then taken over by a charitable foundation in 1940 to provide a basic education and training in seamanship for youngsters from poor families. In 1963 the ship caught fire and sank. In 1992 the wreck was salvaged and the frigate was rebuilt as a museum ship to be exhibited at Expo ’98 in Lisbon. The model kit represents the well-known sailing ship in its condition in 1850. An authentic reproduction of the frigate can be made from 234 components. In addition to textured sails, cordis included to represent the running and standing rigging, together with an extensive flag chart.

– Main deck with wooden structure
– Gun deck
– Structural details on two halves of hull
– Detailed deck superstructures
– Wheels
– 4 anchors
– 6 rowing boats
– 60 artillery pieces
– Multipart masts with yards
– Shrouds
– Textured sails
– Cords for the running and standing rigging
– Decals and flag chart
– Display stand

Battleship Bismarck

Product ID: 80-5098

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:700
Length: 359 mm
Parts: 295

The Bismarck and the Tirpitz were the two largest battleships in the Second World War. The Bismarck, with a length of 251 m, went into service on 24.08.1940. On completion of the training runs she took part in the Rhine exercise. On 24.05.1941, in a sea battle off Greenland, she sank the British cruiser HMS Hood. Then the Bismarck, having damage to the bow, made for a Frenchport. During the pursuit by British ships and aircraft the ship was rendered unfit for action by enemy fire and scuttled in the Atlantic. Finely detailed components with rivets and recessed panel lines give an authentic reproduction of this imposing battleship. Other features of the model kit include moving gun turrets and barrels.

– New tool
– Detailed hull and power plant
– Decks with textured planks
– Gun turrets with individually moving barrels
– Filigree masts
– 18 tenders
– 2 Arado 196 seaplanes
– 2 detailed derricks with booms
– Display stand
– 2 variants to paint: winter 1940/41 and March 1941

1/302 USCG – Roger B Taney Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-3015

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/302
Length: 12-7/8″
Parts: 109

The 327- foot endurance cutter Roger B. Taney was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Among the first to fire back that morning, the ship served escort duty throughout the war in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. During the Okinawa campaign in 1945, the Taney came under air attacks more than 250 times-surviving some of the heaviest suicide attacks of the war. The Taney also served in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. In peacetime, the ship has served as an ocean station vessel, a search and rescue ship, and on Alaskan fisheries patrol. The USCGC Taney is now stationed in Virginia, as a unit of the Fifth Coast Guard District. Detailed deck with 8 depth charge throwers & 2 roller racks, life rafts, boats, davits, searchlights, and railings. Engraved hull detail, two-40mm guns, four-20mm guns, 5″ elevating gun in rotating turret, radar, antennas and display stand. Decals with authentic markings. Molded in white.