News Revell sept-dec 2012: Helicopters


1/48 Marine UH-34 D Helicopter Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5323

Skill Level 2
Scale: 1/48
Length: 11-1/2″
Rotor diameter: 13-15/16″
Height: 3-9/16″
Parts: 106

Get me a HUS!

The simple, versatile and dependable UH-34D Seahorse was a favorite with the U.S. Marine Corps throughout the Vietnam War. A lot was asked of the copter, including retrieval of Mercury space capsules. Sadly, when Gus Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7 capsule filled with water it was too heavy for the Seahorse and the capsule was lost. Kit features are modeled in light gray and clear resin with a detailed cockpit, interior, recessed panel lines and underside winch. Decals include: U.S. Marine Corps UH-34D, 148765, “HUNT CLUB 1” and U.S. Marine Corps UH-34D, 148772.


Westland Lynx Mk.88/HAS. Mk.2 Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4652

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:32
Length: 399 mm
Rotor diameter: 474 mm
Parts: 130

Europe’s specialized, ship-borne heli.

Thanks to its versatility and dependable performance, the Sea Lynx is a favorite of armed forces all over the world. Germany’s Mk.88 is most famous for protecting Somalia’s coast from pirates. The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy has employed the HAS.3 variant for service in the Persian Gulf, as well as aboard the Antarctic-stationed ice patrol ship H.M.S. Endurance. Kit features a choice of building the Royal Navy’s HAS.3 or the German Navy’s Mk.88, a detailed cockpit, a detailed interior, optional machine gun equipment, torpedo racks and decal markings.