News Revell june 2011: Aircraft


F-16C Block 52 Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4669

Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:72
Length: 213 mm
Wingspan: 140 mm
Parts: 126

The F-16 is regarded as one of the most universal fighter aircraft in the world. It offers an almost unlimited spectrum of operation. Successive and continuous development of the design has contributed heavily to this opening up even more mission profiles. F-16 Block 50/52 originated as “Wild Weasel”. It was designed to counter enemy air defence positions. For this purpose the aircraft are equipped with AGM-88 HARM missile and an electronic Target Locating System. It is the heaviest version of the aircraft with an empty weight of 18,593 lbs (8,432 kg). Almost all types of weapon in the USAF arsenal can be fitted to one the seven external weapons stations on the F-16.

Model details:
– Engraved panel joints
– Detailed cockpit and ejection seat
– Pilot figure
– Detailed undercarriage
– C-tail unit
– Large air intakes
– GE-229 engine nozzles
– Two HARM guided weapons
– Two lGB bombs
– ECM jamming pod
– Pylons
– AIM 120 guided weapons
– Ventral and wing tanks
– Super decal set depicting the F-16C special livery design for the “Tiger Meet of the Americas 2003”


BAe Hawk T.1 Red Arrows Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4284

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:32
Length: 362 mm
Wingspan: 299 mm
Parts: 290

As flown by the RAF’s Red Arrows.

Used by the RAF since 1976, the BAe Hawk was the first aircraft to feature a raised rear pilot seat. This unique, easy-to-distinguish feature has appeared on countless aircraft ever since. The Hawk’s compact design makes it a highly agile trainer, as well as a more affordable option for combat. Its excellent flight characteristics and extreme maneuverability have made it a favorite of the Red Arrows acrobatic unit as well. Kit features extraordinary details, separate ailerons, a highly realistic cockpit and an extensive set of “Red Arrows” aircraft marking options.


Dornier Do 17Z Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4655

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:72
Length: 218 mm
Wingspan: 250 mm
Parts: 59

Along with the Heinkel He111 the Dornier Do17Z carried the brunt of the bombing attacks against England up to the end of the “Battle of Britain”. The Do 17, also known as the “Flying Pencil” was ordered by the German Luftwaffe to fulfill the role of a fast bomber. The first Do 17E-1 left the factory in 1936. The Z-2 emerged after only 113 Z-1’s had been built. It had the more powerful Bramo 323P nine cylinder radial engine with a two-speed compressor producing 1050 bhp. After only moderate successes, many aircraft were converted into night fighters.

Model details:
– Detailed surface structure
– Detailed cockpit including instrument panel
– Rotating propellers
– Detailed undercarriage
– Four crew members
– Machine guns
– Decal set for two Luftwaffe versions



British Canberra Bomber Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-0025

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:80
Length: 237 mm
Wingspan: 244 mm
Parts: 46

Based on the British Canberra B2, the B-57 played a special role within the USAF. The first B-57 made its maiden flight on June 28th, 1954. It was suited for low flying missions by day and night in all weather conditions. Two B-57 Wings were deployed to Vietnam in 1965, where they became an irreplaceable weapon during ground support and night missions. A single B-57 could carry a weapon load similar to four F-4 Phantoms.

Model details:
– Revell historical model construction kit
– Cockpit simulation with two pilot figures
– Choice of retarded or lowered undercarriage
– Two wing tanks
– Choice of missile load
– Decal set for two USAF versions



1/72 B-52B with X-15 Experimental Aircraft Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5716

Skill Level 3
Scale: 1/72
Length: 25-13/16″
Wingspan: 31-1/4″
Parts: 161

Built to break records.

Paired together, the X-15 and B-52B set multiple speed and altitude records throughout the 1960s. The most notable record was set in October 1967, when the X-15 reached 4,519 mph (7,273 km/h). This incredible record still exists today. Kit combo features the choice of mounting the X-15 onto the B-52B, or building the X-15 as a static model on landing gear with a standing pilot. The B-52B can also be modeled with its landing gear down or retracted. Set includes decals with authentic U.S. Air Force and NASA® markings.


1/48 P-47N Thunderbolt Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5314

Skill Level 2
Scale: 1/48
Length: 9-1/8″
Wingspan: 10-3/4″
Parts: 105

The return of the revered, reliable “Jug.”

The P-47N – the last variant produced – was initially developed to escort B-29 bombers during air raids over Japan. The most distinguishing feature of the “N” variant was its in-wing 50-gallon (190-liter) fuel tanks, which extended the aircraft’s range by 2,000 miles (3,200 km). Kit features recessed panel lines, a detailed radial engine, a detailed cockpit, weighted tires, complete underwing stores, a detailed pilot and markings to recreate P-47Ns flown by pilots Lt. Oscar Perdomo and Lt. Col. Ollie O. Simpson.


Airbus A320 “Edelweiss” Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4272

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:144
Length: 261 mm
Wingspan: 235 mm
Parts: 60

Edelweiss Air is the leading Swiss Holiday Airline and carries its passengers to the most popular holiday resorts in the world. Edelweiss Air puts great emphasis on the high quality of its service for which it has won many awards. The airlines first A320 entered service in April 1988. In the following years this new version of the Airbus soon set new standards for the whole industry in passenger comfort and economy on short and medium range routes. In a typical two-class configuration the A320 can accommodate 150 passengers and achieve a range of 5,600 km/3,000 nm.

Model details:
– Textured fuselage and wings
– Recessed panel joints
– Detailed undercarriage, in either the lowered or retracted position
– Detailed CFM56 engines or if required the IAE V2500 can be fitted
– Winglets
– Aerials and ventilation ducts
– Super decal set with the markings of Edelweiss Air



Boeing 787 Dreamliner Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4261

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:144
Length: 386 mm
Wingspan: 420 mm
Parts: 72

The Boeing 787 is a newly conceived twin jet wide-body aircraft that demonstrates a new level of cost efficiency for the airlines. It is the first commercial airliner with a fuselage constructed mostly of carbon-fibre reinforced composite materials. Operating costs are 10% lower than those of a Boeing 767, achieved through lower fuel consumption and a 20% saving on weight. Two types of engine are available, the RR Trent 1000 and the GEnx. Its maiden flight took place on 15 December 2009 and delivery is expected by the end of 2011. The airliners order list shows 840 orders for this revolutionary new commercial aircraft.

Model details:
– Finely structured surfaces with engraved panel joints
– Transparent parts for the window rows
– Detailed engine nacelles
– Finely detailed rotating front fan
– Detailed undercarriage
– A choice of extended or retracted undercarriage
– Display stand
– Detailed decal set for the 2nd Demonstrator Version with servicing markings and stencils