News Revell jul-aug 2012: Aircraft


B-17F Memphis Belle Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4279

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:72
Length: 325 mm
Wingspan: 440 mm
Parts: 235

WWII’s most famous strategic bomber.

The “Memphis Belle” was delivered to the 324th Bomber Squadron on July 15, 1942. She became the first U.S.A.A.F. bomber to survive twenty-five missions in Europe! Kit features four detailed radial engines, a rotating MG turret, a tail-end MG, four bombs, bomb bay racks, a detailed cockpit with consoles and an instrument panel, individual seats, a detailed radio operator/navigator’s position with a bomb sight and nose seat, detailed landing gear, decal sets for two U.S.A.A.F. versions of the “Memphis Belle” and “The Shamrock Special” and much more.


Heinkel He 162A Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4723

Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:32
Length: 302 mm
Wingspan: 222 mm
Parts: 93

The fastest first-gen jet fighter.

The He 162 went from “concept” to “flight-ready” in sixty-nine days. Even though it was primarily constructed of wood, the He 162 was the fastest jet fighter of its time. Kit features finely structured surfaces, recessed panel joints, a detailed BMW® jet engine, a detailed tail plane, a detailed cockpit with foot pedals, an opening engine cowl, a detailed main undercarriage bay, a detailed nose wheel and bay, an opening port weapons bay, an undercarriage leg with detailed wheel, an ejection seat and instrument panel and two decal marking options.


Spitfire Mk.XVI Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4661

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:48
Length: 201 mm
Wingspan: 207 mm
Parts: 134

Fully fortified, with Packard power.

The Spitfire Mk. XVI was first produced in September of 1944. Early “c” wing models boasted either four 20 mm cannons or four .303 machine guns and two 20 mm cannons. Later “e” wing models replaced the .303 machine guns with twin .50 machine guns. However, the biggest distinction of the Mk. XVI was the use of Packard Merlin® engines. 1,054 Mk. XVI Spitfires were produced in all – most featured clipped wings for improved rate of roll. Some later models also sported bubble canopies and cut fuselages.


Heinkel He 115 Seaplane Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4276

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:72
Length: 243 mm
Wingspan: 310 mm
Parts: 59

Floating torpedo dive-bombers.

The He115 was a do-all craft for the Luftwaffe during the early days of WWII. The B and C variants of the plane could take off and land from ice and snow, could carry bombs, torpedoes, or mines, and were a menace to shipping in the North Sea. Although only 138 were built, the plane saw service in the German, British, Norwegian, and Finnish air forces during WWII. This kit includes pilot and gunner figures as well as decals for marking the plane in one of two Luftwaffe designations.


P-26A Peashooter Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-3990

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:72
Length: 102 mm
Wingspan: 117 mm
Parts: 23

The U.S.A.A.C.’s all-metal fighter.

First flown in 1932, the P-26 had the honor of being America’s first all-metal fighter plane. It also had the distinction of being the U.S. Army Air Corps’ first pursuit monoplane. The “A” variant was powered by a 600 hp (450 kW) Pratt and Whitney® R-1340-27 engine. The P-26 was the fastest front-line fighter around, until the U.S.A.A.C. replaced it with the Seversky P-35 and Curtiss P-36 in 1938. Kit features textured surfaces, a replica radial engine, a rotating propeller, a pilot figure and decals for a U.S.A.A.C. version.


1/48 Mosquito Mk IV Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5320

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/48
Length: 10-1/8″
Wingspan: 13-1/2″
Height: 3″
Parts: 125

The Royal Canadian Air Force favorite.

Metals and other materials were scarce during World War II. On the other hand, wood was plentiful. As a result, the Mosquito had virtually all-wood construction. Over 1,000 Mosquitoes were built for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. Kit features a choice of three versions (bomber, night fighter or fighter/bomber), optional bomb bay doors, pilot and navigator figures, plus decals for three Royal Canadian Air Force versions: 1. Mosquito B Mk. XX, KB253; 2. Mosquito FB.VI PZ165, No. 4 Squadron and 3. Mosquito FB.VI, HR241, No. 418 Squadron.


Supermarine Stanraer Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4277

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:72
Length: 231 mm
Wingspan: 372 mm
Parts: 119

The R.A.F.’s beautiful bipe boat.

The last British biplane flying boat ever produced, the Supermarine Stranraer was first used by the R.A.F. in 1937. Its large size made it ideal for anti-submarine patrols and combating enemy surface shipping. The R.A.F. withdrew the Stranraer from active service in 1941. Kit features a classic molding, textured surfaces, a detailed undercarriage, three machine gun positions with gunners, a tail support truck for land movement, a rear stabilizer with separate rudder, struts, a rotating propeller, a pilot figure and decals for two RAF aircraft.