News Revell feb 2012: Aircraft


Airbus A400 M Transporter Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-4800

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:72
Length: 626 mm
Wingspan: 588 mm
Parts: 210

The admirable, adaptable “Atlas.”

The Airbus A400M represents the next generation of long-range military transport aircraft. Development began in 1982, when the Future International Military Airlifter group was assigned to produce a replacement for the Transall C-160 and C-130 Hercules. The A400M’s first flight occurred on December 11, 2009, in Seville, Spain. Eight countries – including the U.K. and Germany – have ordered a total of 174 A400Ms. Deliveries are expected to occur by early 2013. Kit features a detailed cargo compartment, a cockpit with a movable loading ramp, extensive interior/exterior details, decals and much more.


1/72 SnapTite® YF-22® Raptor® Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-1198

Skill level: 1
Scale: 1/72
Length: 11-3/4″
Width: 7-1/84″
Wingspan: 4-1/2″
Parts: 15

The prototype for today’s most advanced jet.

In the early 1980s, the YF-22 Raptor was developed as a U.S. counterpart for the MiG-29 and Su-27. Its first flight took place on September 29, 1990. Only two prototypes were ever produced. Refinements made to the cockpit, tail fins and wings resulted in the F-22 Raptor, which is considered today’s most advanced fighter jet. This easy-to-assemble SnapTite kit features highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light grey, black and transparent yellow; a pilot figure; a display stand and peel ‘n stick decals with military markings. No glue required.

1/32 Junkers Ju88A-1 Bomber Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5986

Skill Level: 3
Scale: 1/32
Length: 17-7/8″
Wingspan: 22-1/2″
Height: 5-1/4″
Parts: 281

The Luftwaffe’s target-seeking titan.

Powered by 1,200 hp (895 kW) Jumo 211B-1 engines, the Junkers Ju 88A-1 was intimidating on the ground and in the air. Employed as a bomber or fighter, the Ju 88 was sure to hit its targets. Kit features surface details with recessed panel lines; separate ailerons and flaps; a super-detailed cockpit with side walls, a bomb sight, wireless equipment and instrument panels; rotating props with detailed engine cowls and decals for two versions: 1. 7./Kampfgeschwader 54 France, September 1940, Battle of Britain and 2. Geschwaderstab KG 30, Westerland/Sylt. 1939.


1/32 Heinkel He III P Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-5628

Skill Level: 3
Scale: 1/32
Length: 20-3/16″
Wingspan: 27-13/16″
Height: 5-1/2″
Parts: 250

Bomb targets with all-out authority.

Featuring 225 mph (262 kg/h) top speeds, MG 15 machine guns and bomb storage, the Heinkel He 111P could easily outgun and outrun most fighters. Kit features a fully glazed, asymmetric nose; a complete, detailed interior; three MG 15 machine guns; an optional opening bomb bay with a vertical bomb magazine and eight 250 kg bombs, plus decals for three versions: 1. Heinkel He 111P-1, 111.KG 27 “Geschwader Boelcke,” Delmenhorst, Germany, 1940; 2. Heinkel He 111P-1, 5./KG 54 “Totenkopf-Geschwader,” Coulommiers, France, 1940 and 3. Heinkel He 111P, ST.G.3, North Africa.