How To Paint Glorfindel


Welcome to this tutorial.

In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to paint “Glorfindel”.
-You need a lot of paints, to paint this model like I do

Paints Needed:

Chaos Black

Enchanted Blue/Ultramarines Blue

Ice Blue

Skull White

Codex Grey

Fortress Grey

Liche Purple

Shadow Grey


Bestial Brown

Tanned Flesh

Dwarf Flesh

Elf Flesh

Snakebite Leather

Vomit Brown

Bubonic Brown

Bleached Bone

Space Wolves Grey

Shining Gold

Flesh Wash/Chestnut Ink

Burnished Gold

Mithril Silver

Boltgun Metal

Scorched Brown

Material Needed:

Miniature 25mm Base

Static Grass

White Glue

Brush (GW or Other Brand)

Old Brush (Just Ye ‘Old)

Step 1 Inner Cape

Once you’ve given the model a basecoat -which means you painted it totally black/white-, you are ready to proceed.

Make a 1:1 mix of Enchanted Blue (or Ultramarines Blue) and Ice Blue, and add that as a fist layer, then mix some extra Ice Blue through your previous mix and add a next layer, making sure to not cover up all of the first mix in the deeper parts of the cape. After you’ve added some Ice Blue several times, you add a little skull white to the mix, and apply that to the cape. Make sure that with every next layer of paint you keep seeing the previous one, in that way you’ll get highlights.

This is what your model looks like after step 1:


Step 2 Dark Clothing

If you primed (prime is basecoat) your model black then you can skip this first bit of step two. If you primed your model with white, then you should paint his boots, and all the clothing black, except for the inside of the cape, which you’ve already done earlier.

Whether you’ve primed black or white, you should now have the same set-up for the clothing. Now you should make a 1:1 mix of Codex Grey and Chaos Black. Once this mix is made, highlight all the clothing you’ve painted black with it.

This is what your model looks like after step 2:

Step 3 Upper Robe

The robe is just a lot lighter then the rest of his clothing. Mix a little Codex Grey through Fortress Grey as a first layer. Then you highlight by adding some Fortress Grey to the previous mix and applying that to the model. Then you highlight your model with a bit of pure Fortress Grey. As a last layer you mix a little Skull White through the Fortress Grey and you apply that mix on the outer edges of the upper robe.

This is what your model looks like after step 3:

Step 4 Belt

You paint the belt by making a mix of 1:5 Liche Purple and Shadow Grey and adding

that to the belt. Highlight the belt by adding a little Fortress Grey to the mix and apply this mix on the edges of the belt.

This is what your model looks like after step 4:

Step 5 Armour

Drybrush the chain mail with Chainmail.

“-For some obvious reason I think you’d have figured that out yourself”

Further more we’ve got the arm plating. Start by giving these a layer of mixed up Codex Grey and Fortress Grey. As a highlight add some extra Fortress Grey to your previous mix. As a last layer you should add a little Skull White to the mix and apply this mix to the outer edges of the plates.

This is what your model looks like after step 5:

Step 6 Skin

Start of by giving the skin a layer of pure Bestial Brown. Then you give it a next layer of Tanned Flesh, making sure to maintain the first layer in the deepest crevices. Then give your skin a next layer of Dwarf Flesh, making sure to just highlight the face. Then add a layer of Elf Flesh on his cheeks, his throat muscles and his eyebrows. As a final layer add a little skull white to Elf Flesh, and make sure to only use this colour when you are in absolute need of highlights. Because this last layer is so much brighter then the previous ones it “might” screw the flesh up. But if you do it right it will look just fine.

Now for the eyes, if you feel for painting the eyes, here’s how to do so. You take the most accurate and smallest brush around. Now find a position in which you have almost no shaky hands. Brace yourself and aim for the eye. Take a deep breath once you’re near the eye and place a very small amount of Skull White on his eye. For the pupil, brace yourself again and aim for the centre of the eye. If you are to shaky at this point, don’t go for painting the pupil yet, but wait till your good. Remember that you can always give the eye another layer of white when you accidentally screw the pupil up.

This is what your model looks like after step 6:

Step 7 Golden Hair

For the hair you start with a layer of 1:1 mixed Snakebite Leather and Vomit Brown. Then you add a little bubonic brown to the previous mix and you drybrush the hair with this mix. Then you drybrush the hair again with pure Bubonic Brown. The last drybrush exists of a 1:3 mix of Bleached Bone and Bubonic Brown.

This is what your model looks like after step 7:


Step 8 Outer Cape

Give the outside of the cape a layer of pure Fortress Grey. Then add a little Space Wolves Grey through the Fortress Grey and apply a layer of this. Keep adding small amounts of Space Wolves Grey for each next layer. Keep in mind that with highlighting you want to be able to see every earlier layer. Like you are building a stair of colours. As a last highlight, add a little white to the Space Wolves Grey and apply that to the highest points of the cape.

This is what your model looks like after step 8:

Step 9 Last Details

You start by painting the crown on his head and the emblems on his boots with Shining Gold. Then you give the gold parts a thin wash of Flesh Wash (or Chestnut Ink). Highlight the gold parts with a 1:1 mix of Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver. Give the sword a layer of Boltgun Metal. Then apply some Chainmail to the sword, making sure to leave the triangle piece of sword, right above his hand painted with only Boltgun Metal. As a last layer to the sword, highlight it with Mithril Silver.

The last thing you’ve got to do is painting the swords handle. Paint the handle by giving it a first layer of Scorched Brown, then highlight it with a layer of 1:2 mixed Bleached Bone and Scorched Brown.

This is what your model looks like after step 9:



“- I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that it may be of great help to you.”